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Freestanding Spa Bath

Pamper yourself with the perfect bath available to you today, every day!

Bathing can never be better than the enriching experience of a Freestanding Bath each day at your bathroom. Tradeworld Australia is the most appreciated and popular name in the market offering the best array of freestanding baths that are elegant, smart, and long-lasting. From a sanctuary of warmth, and enveloping water, we will allow your dreams of having an amazing bathroom to be fulfilled.

A bathroom that can delight your senses in every way

Tradeworld Australia is the leading bathroom supplies provider. We help you achieve the most rewarding soaking bath experience with the perfect Freestanding Bath or Freestanding Spa Bath, and accessories. We stock everything that our clients desire for their bathrooms from small tapware to lavish Jacuzzi Luxury Baths, that we can deliver to their door.

Features of our Freestanding Bath include
  • Water Diverter Control
  • Available with a Hot and Cold Mixer
  • Amazing Headrest
  • Dependable & Pop-up Drain System

With a classic shape and sleek design, we have everything to make your bathing experience memorable every day. Here at Trade World Australia, we are the elite in delivering excellent qualities in our Freestanding Spa Bathtubs with beautiful and stylish designs. Suiting the luxury décor of many bathrooms, you will surely find a Freestanding Spa Bathing from our collection that you adore. We can guarantee you an appealing stand out design that will earn a ‘wow’ each morning.

With sturdy construction and longevity, Tradeworld Australia has everything to offer you. Indulge in a relishing bathing experience that can help reinvigorate your senses with our Freestanding Bath.


Elegant Design: Instead of just a long-lasting finish, we are highly appreciated in delivering a Freestanding Bath that is excellent looking. The designs in our collection are trendy, smooth, and classy to add grace to your bathroom.

Versatile Sizes: With a great deal of experience in this realm, we are highly trusted in offering versatile sizes, colors, and designs to your bathrooms that you can choose from.

Easy Installation: We are highly sought for our easy installation features that can be performed in a few minutes. We have a team of experts that can finish the installation process without any mess.


Offering one of the most highly loved and demanded range of baths for the bathrooms, we make sure you have various features that can help you fulfill your taste and bathing experience with each passing day.

Freestanding Spa Bath- Our experts say that if you are replacing your old bath with our new collections, then you will not need any extra space to do that.

Authentic Design and Quality- We love our customers and we make sure that we deliver the best of our collections with fresh designs and unparalleled quality.

Many Shapes to Choose From- We believe in variations, and we know how much our customers love to be different from others. We have many designs, colors, and shapes to choose from. We can excite you every second with our new design.

For more details, contact us now and order your lavish Freestanding Bathtub today!


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