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Give a Spacious Look to Your Bathroom with Bathroom Vanity Units

Bathroom vanities offer extra elegance and extra storage space with instinctive style. The bathroom is often related to the busy morning surge of the workday, yet it ought not to be. With the help of vanity units, you can create a functional and organised room, with well categorised storage for a habitually enjoyable experience.

Our Bathroom vanity units come in various materials, sizes, and colours that you can choose according to the interior and space of your bathroom. In bathroom renovations, a new bathroom vanity is the perfect option to add to make your bathroom more modern, royal and spacious. Tradeworld Australia is the finest retailer of bathroom vanity units in Australia.

What types of bathroom vanities do we sell?

Freestanding and Wall Hung vanities

Wall hung vanities are the perfect choice for a minimalist look in the bathroom. Due to its floating style, it also provides more space in the bathroom. These types of vanities come with a cupboard and drawer that provides you with the space to place appliances and cosmetics. If you are looking for full height vanity unity, then freestanding vanities are the best option to choose and it also hides floor plumbing well. It provides a clean modern look from the end of the vanity. You can choose the best and required bathroom vanity units from our huge range of bathroom vanities.

Single bowl and double bowl style

If the size of your bathroom is small, then you can choose a single bowl style bathroom vanity unit. You can place a single bowl in the centre of the bathroom vanity. On the other hand, if the size of your bathroom is big and you want to fill the space then choose a big vanity with double bowls.

Various sizes of vanities

When it comes to vanities, there are standard sizes that range from 400mm to 1800mm. To give the perfect look to the bathroom, carefully measure wall to wall, and choose the best design that fits the space.

The vast range of vanities

There is a huge range of bathroom vanity units available on the market and we have a huge style of vanities which feature drawers to provide the space. Tradeworld Australia has various options to customise the vanities that include various designs, styles, and colours. For a royal look in the bathroom, you can choose a classical white or any uniquely textured finish. Bathroom vanity units can be traditional or modern looking. Modern designs come with adventurous colours, soft-closing cupboards or drawers, and bolder looks. Traditional vanity cabinets come with handles to open and close cupboards.

Colours and Materials

Trade World Australia offers Bathroom vanity units in various colours. If you are looking for contemporary cabinets, we recommend choosing bold colours. If you want to give a unique look then choose colours like black, grey, mahogany, cream, or oak as an alternative to white. Two types of materials are commonly used for the bathroom vanity units and these materials are MDF (medium density fibreboard) or plywood. MDF is usually made in white for the bathroom and it is a composite material made with wood, resin, water and wax. Plywood is usually combined with lacquered birch which creates a sturdy unit.

Trade World Australia offers customised vanities according to the size and space of your bathroom. Order and get delivered unique bathroom vanity units to your doorstep.


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