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Choose the best shower rails with Tradeworld Australia

Tradeworld Australia is situated in Fairfield in Western Sydney NSW. We have twenty years of experience in the field of selling bathroom products. These many years of experience in the field have made us a respected and reliable choice. We make sure that the products meet all the quality standards of the great Australian lifestyle. Our team of experts can provide you with the best shower rails for your washroom.

We will make sure they go hand-in-hand with your existing bathroom décor and colour, offering such distinctive options as black shower rails to do this.

How to choose the right shower rails for you?

Décor: In order to ensure that your washroom remains posh and elegant, it is important that you choose a shower rail that matches the décor of your bathroom. The material, texture, and colour of the shower rails will be duly considered before deciding to buy. We offer such options like black shower rails for the modern and contemporary bathroom.

Shape: The shape of the shower rail will help in deciding how you want the size of the washroom to be portrayed as. A curved shower rail will help give you more space if your bathroom is small and compact. If your washroom has a corner shower area, then it is advisable to opt for an L shaped shower rail.

Wall Type: The type of wall is necessary to decide upon the material of the shower rail.

Why opt for Tradeworld?

Budget Friendly: We at Tradeworld are aware of how our clients might be from different economic strands. We have customised our products according to the budget needs of our customers. By opting for us, you can get the best shower rails in the market to fit your budget, so that you can rest assured that you can take home a shower rail that is affordable. Tradeworld Australia is known for providing the top-quality bath products at the cheapest rates in Australia.

Experience: The treasure trove of experience that we have garnered has allowed us to know the market of shower rails and other washroom accessories inside and out. Our team comprises experts who have dealt with various customer requests and made their project vision come true.

Customer Service: We believe customer is king. We ensure that all your needs and expectations are satisfied. Our relation will not end with the sale, as we will be there to help you sort out any concerns and queries after the sale; thereby guaranteeing the best after-sales service.

How can you reach us?

We give great respect and value for your time and so we have made contacting us a very easy task. You can quickly reach us with a call on the number: 02 9892 1922. If you want to contact us online you can via our email: If you want to get a closer look at how we work, you can visit us in person at TRADE WORLD PTY. LTD.

38 Fairfield Street, Fairfield East NSW 2165


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