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Wall Mixers Help Create a Stylish and Elegant Look in the Bathroom

The bathroom is an important part of a home and it is incomplete without decorative and elegant metal fixtures. They often make a noticeably eye-catching final touch in a bathroom renovation. Mixers come in various styles such as wall mixers, mixer taps, pipe taps, and so on. Tradeworld Australia offers a huge range of styles wall mixers. With our exceptional and unique products, you can make your shower more streamlined and efficient. Wall mixer taps provide the function of cold and hot water in one fixture.

Tradeworld Australia is one of Australia's leading bathroom equipment and products suppliers.

Features of our elegant wall mixers:
  • Great for home and commercial users.
  • Polished chrome plating, makes products more durable and water resistant.
  • Equipped with scratch resistant rubber rings that reduce friction damage.
  • Fashionable finishes like brass, matte black and rose gold for an easy cosmetic uplift.
Shower taps and wall mixers

Our collection of shower taps and wall mixers are resistant to water corrosion and maintain its colour. For the ease of use we encourage less wastage of shower water. Our immaculate and protective colors include rose gold, matte black, and chrome, our modern shower mixer and tap has something for everyone and every taste in decor. Not limited to just taps and wall mixers, we also supply freestanding bath mixers at competitive prices, and other exceptional bathroom tapware to bring the best style and function to Australian bathrooms.

Decrease the clutter with a minimalistic wall mixer with the carefully curated stylish collection at Tradeworld Australia. Our scope of in-wall mixers has been introduced to be installed in the main section of the shower. It allows clients to successfully change the temperature and stream of the water from the showerhead quickly and with ease.

Compact and appealing designs

Wall Mixers of this type are made to fit in with the design of a bath or sink. There are manufacturers that already produce bathroom equipment with connectors to mount the mixer, where you only need install the faucet. These types of mixers are mounted directly on the wall. In this case, all the supporting structures remain in the wall, and it looks quite aesthetically clean, compact, and appealing.

In this case, the locking mechanism may be in the form of either a ceramic valve or a tap. When the valve is turned, the piston begins to act on the gasket, resulting in the hole opening slightly or shutting off the water supply. When the ceramic valve turns, the plate moves freely. While having been around for some time, it has not lost its popularity to this day. This is all due to the low price and simple configuration mechanism.

Order your Wall mixer online today through our website and get it delivered at your doorstep. If you require any assistance, get in touch with our experienced team on 02 9892 1922. We are the experts in bathroom and kitchen supplies.