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Bathroom Vanity Mixer Taps

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Nowadays, the mixer not only serves the water supply but is also considered as an element of decoration in the bathroom. It should fit coherently into the interior of the bathroom and must be compact and beautiful. Modern manufacturers in plumbing offer a huge selection in various price categories, but it is still worth noting many useful tips from experts. Bathroom mixer taps are one of the most amazing tools in today's time in the bathroom. At Trade World Australia you will find enormous beautiful and elegant Bathroom mixer taps at competitive prices.

Vanity Mixer taps are installed with wiring pipes permitted to supply water. It is necessary to follow the standards. The mixer needs to be placed at a height of some metres from the floor, the distance between the water outlets is some cm. This work must be taken very seriously, as the continuity of the mixer depends on the accuracy of its plumbing performance.

The different Vanity Mixer Taps available online Two Valve Mixer

This is the most common type of Bathroom Mixer. There are two elements for the supply and adjustment of water (hot and cold) - the valve and the lever. You manually bring the water to the required temperature. There is a trap on the spot of the mixer, whose function is to reduce the spraying of water droplets. Note that when mounting the two-valve mixers, you must remember to leave a gap between the pipes, which should be equal to 15 cm, and use eccentricity. We have a great variety of two valve mixers.

Single Lever Mixer

Currently, single-lever Bathroom Mixers are the most in-demand in the market. Using them is more convenient than the previous two-valve mixer. It comes with a handle to control the water flow, temperature and pressure force. Apart from this, it will also save you time. There are two types of single-lever mixers: levers with joysticks, eccentrics and seals are required when installing them. They are good at purifying and filtering water. These vanity mixer taps are the most popular today.

Thermostatic Faucets

It is also known as the smart model. You program all the parameters that are convenient for you and they remain unchanged even with further use. This model is good because it protects against the unstable operation of the water supply system. Even if someone in your house is using water to wash the dishes or use the restroom, the temperature will remain the same.

Sensor Operated

This model is the latest and most convenient model. The water itself turns on when the hands are placed underneath, and it stops as soon as you pull away. This mixer is a cost-effectiveness model that also effectively cuts down on contact. Making a great commercial choice in this day of age.

These vanity taps have the following characteristics:

1. Single handle with two water outlet holes. One for connecting the braided hose to the head of the scrub, one for the bathtub, etc.

2. Brass material with polished chrome, electroplate, never rust.

3. Switch control operate water outlet.

4. Lead-free, no added pollution, corrosion and environment resistant.

5. Wall mounted and easy to install modern design.

6. Includes hand showers with hand shower holder, and other installed accessories.

7. The wide-angle of the lever provides operation without any trouble in use. Our cartage has brass spindles for strengthening.

Modern bathrooms have become luxurious comfortable rooms that are at the centre of personal hygiene. They are decorated with taste, expensive designs and equipped with modern sanitary equipment. The desire for such luxury and bespoke bathroom vanity for affluent surroundings has led to the presence of pioneer bathroom equipment, which varies in cost and artistic value.

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