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Heated Towel Rail - The Best Way To Keep Bathrooms Mildew Free

The soggy bathmat hanging on the edge of your bathroom and wet towels are sometimes irritating with the peculiar damp smell they have. They have a grave impact on the overall look of your space. The hanging bath towel here and there is one of the most prominent things that one can notice if you don't have a heated towel rail. A heated towel rail is sure to organise your bathroom and help you to keep your bathroom mould and mildew free. A heated towel rail fits seamlessly in your bathroom and keeps your towel warm. Opting for a heated towel rail can help you to get away from the hassles of drying your bath towel especially during the winter. A Towel Warmer can dry your towels in a jiffy with utmost convenience. They help in making getting out of the shower easier too.

Biggest Supplier of Heated Towel Rail and Towel Warmer

Tradeworld Australia is one of the largest suppliers of house essentials in Australia. We have an array of kitchen, living room, and bathroom products that aim at facilitating our patrons and providing them with a superior experience. We aim to fetch our clients technologically advanced and edge apart products that are a perfect solution for daily problems.

Energy Efficient Towel Warmer

Our towel warmer is energy efficient and ideal at keeping your towel warmer. It barely uses more than 80W to get your towel warm as opposed to the clothes dryer, which uses around 1800 W to dry clothes. Our Heated Towel Rails and towel warmers have inbuilt dry heating elements that keep the towel dry. When a towel is placed on the rail, the heat is trapped. This causes an increase in the temperature of the towel to about 50-55 degrees. Having a towel warmer installed in your bathroom is one of the safest and hygienic ways to get the towel dry.

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